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DYMag May 2013

Hello all! 
Welcome to DYM's very first issue of DYMag, our effort to give a new platform to all young creative talent from Maldives!

CLICK HERE to read this issue on issuu.com!

In the Cover: An interview with the founders of Dhi Youth Movement, Nawaf, Rish and Shaha and a personal interview of each. Personally, I loved reading about Nawaf and Rish and their life and giving my own interview was super fun!

Inside: Nafiz writes about Maldivians losing their creative talent which is such an interesting read with several borrowed concepts from neighboring countries. Shiyaz talks about patriotism in the light of recent events and makes us wonder how truly patriotic we are. Abo's review of prestige makes me want to watch the movie and Dholhas writes a brilliant piece about the literary horror that is Twilight which is such a better love story than Twilight itself. Muru's story Death Note ends on a very tragic note which makes me want to read the next part right now and Lathy talks about a topic close to our hearts, friendship. 

More Inside: Voting is such an important topic, especially now and Aryj hits the right nerves with her article about it. Girl in Toque's recipes makes my mouth water as I write this and I'm so making that Eclairs cake she wrote about. Abo again writes about music, this time Dana's album Born to Die which is such a great album to listen to. Next comes an article that I love so much, written by your truly about life list - one of my all time loves. Sifr and his journey of pursuing desires takes us to far off lands and makes our hearts flutter and the last article is from Shaam-pots who writes about a topic so near and dear to my heart - self love!

All in all, it's a wonderful issue and I am so proud of DYM and our small team of just three people (Nawuff, Sifr and I) who made this issue happen! A major thanks to all our contributors and especially our beloved readers. Hope to see you soon with more issues of DYMag. 

Check us out at dhiyouth/issuu. 


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