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DYM Project #9 - SWAD 'Youth 4ward' Vehicle Wash

Unlike the typical fund raisers, this event was so different in so many ways. The recovering addicts, who were also members of SWAD took the event into their own hands with the guidance of DYM members.

From the very beginning, we had planned the event in such a way that we carry it out with a zero budget by getting sponsors for all the equipments to be used. The members were very cooperative and operated with a special interest which was very inspiring.

However, at the end, even though some of the things did not go as we planned, with a lot of obstacles, with the help of a lot of members of DYM and SWAD, we managed to pull it together and raised an amount close to MRF 1000 in two hours.

We got vehicle wash equipment sponsorship from ‘Hakatha Sunbuli’ and music equipment sponsor from ‘Reefside’. We got water supply and electricity sponsorship from ‘Dhon Manik Sky View. I’d like to note here how cooperative they were to the cause and thank them on behalf of SWAD and DYM members.

The Vehicle Wash with SWAD (Society for Women against Drugs) was, as I believe, one of the major milestones for DYM because it was the first project that was collaborated with another NGO. It was also a huge learning experience for DYM which paved the way to more collaboration’s in upcoming projects.

DYM #9 SWAD 'Youth 4ward' Vehicle Wash

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