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DYM Project #2 - Dhivehi Language Day

11th of April will be remembered my most people for the Earthquake and the Tsunami watch which followed, but for the DYM members it was the beggining of something new, somethin hopefully big. The first meeting of DYM took place of the 11th of April 2012.

7 disparate people, Nawaf, Mujahidh, Rishtha, Haisham, Siyah, Nashytha and Naail, met at Artificial beach to discuss the project for the Dhivehi Language day celebrated on the 14th of April every year. And thus it was decided to make a big Dhivehi Scrabble board and play it at Arificial beach. With just 2 days to do the work everyone knew it would be tough but nobody was pessimistic. All of the planning was done on the 11th and the implementation was put into effect from then.

the members in the first meeting 
(from left to right) Naail, Rishtha, Haisham, Mujahid, Nawaf, Nashytha)

The actual work started on the night on the 12th. Getting over 300 sheets of papers printed and photocopied took a lot more time than expected, and the work started at 8 pm. First day of work came to an end at 1 AM the next day, and a lot of work was pending by then.

Mujahid with the first letter done

The second day started at 3 PM in the evening and work continued non stop till 3 30 AM the next day. Only a few people volunteered to work and so the work, although being done very fast took a lot of time to complete. Cutting the initial sheets, coloring them, sticking them on hard paper and cutting again, putting borders was both very hard and time consuming. And as the work continued, more work needed to be done!

Over 300 sheets of paper had to be printed and photocopied 

Over 500 letter and symbols had to be made! 

past 2 AM and still at work (l to r) Nash, Rish and Bassam 

After barely any sleep work started early the next morning, and the 11 feet by 11 feet board had to be made, making and paiting it turned out to be more difficult than expected, and on top of that it started raining after months of drought! Luckily the rain stopped early and the ground dried before 5 PM which was the time the project was put into place.

Kids absolutely loved playing it 

posing for a photo after the day came to end 

Members who were awake, working on the project 

DYM Logo 

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  2. Dhi Youth Movement,
    I just wanted to let you guys know that after going through these projects I am really inspired. I don't think there are any NGOs or anything like these associations in my community which is rather disappointing, But after going through the history and foundation of Dhi Youth Movement me and my friends have decided to try and make the first ever NGO/Movement (whatever you call it as we are still looking for a name) in our island. And by the way we are only like teens around 13-15 but we believe that even the slightest change can make a huge impact. So we'd like to thank Dhi Youth Movement for being such wonderful inspirational people. Keep up the good work and do continue to inspire others!!!!

    1. We are absolutely delighted you think so highly of us. You should totally go for it! We were only teens ourselves when we started DYM. With loads of hard work, a little luck and dedication there is no end to what you can achieve. We'd love to help you out in any way we can. All the best!