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DYM Project #10 - Dhi Youth for Independence

It all started with the patriots inside all of us- we just had to do something for that day. For the day that our nation celebrated it’s –the independence day. For the day that we walked around on our soil, spoke our language and breathed in the air. For that one day we celebrated, the entire nation as a whole, its independence day. The one day we all left aside all our differences and became one.

So after a heavy brainstorming session, with the amount of man power DYM had, and the time of 2 days- typical for DYM-ers- we decided to pull off a banner making session. This banner making got mixed with a bodu-beru show and hence our gig was finalized: we were going to have a banner making session with a live bodu beru show going on it the background.

The biggest challenge was to find a place to hold our event. With a short notice of 2 days, the Male’ City council wasn’t able to help us out with Raalhugan’du or the beach or any popular grounds. We were then told that we could get the Fishermen’s park. With much concerns about the lighting of the location, we still decided that we could pull it off- again, typical DYM-ers, we never give up until the last minute.

Rish helped with the banners. Hood set up the sound and the Bodu Beru group. SWAD lent us their table. And I, I just helped put it all together.

When we showed up at the place, it was decorated with flags and with the dim lighting; it was the perfect setting for a gig like that. We had to finish up earlier than expected because the cops started blocking the road in preparation for the Official Ceremony held by the government in celebration of the Independence Day.

With the help of faruma bodu beru group, we pulled off the perfect gig and celebrated Independence Day with the perfect crowd of Youth. Dhi Youth For Independence, right?

DYM Project #10 - Dhi Youth for Independence

~Nattu Hassan~
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